Paint Protection
     A vehicle is a huge investment and it is worth protecting. The finish on your cars paintwork is at risk and can be damaged by both natural problems such as bugs or by man-made problems such as rock chips and road tar. Protecting your paint from these obstacles will retain the factory-fresh appearance and keep your cars resale value high!


     Our paint protection comes from the leader in the industry, Xpel. Using a computer-assisted design program the patterns for your car are precision cut for an exact fit, they are then installed by our professional team to ensure the highest quality finish possible.
    The finished product is virtually invisible to the eye yet seals your paintwork from the problems of daily use.

     Moonshadow Plano performs paint protection work for many of the local car dealerships but we also offer it to walk in customers! Come in today and talk with us about the options for your vehicle.

Why Use Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film, or "clear bra" as it is sometimes known, is one of the best ways to preserve the showroom quality finish on your vehicle. The virtually invisible film will keep your vehicle looking newer longer- without changing the design features or color- by protecting vulnerable areas such as front bumpers, hoods, side mirrors, door handle cavities, door edges, rocker panels, and rear fender panels. Preserving the finish of your vehicle with paint protection film (PPF) keeps your vehicle looking newer longer, and can enhance the resale value of your vehicle in the future.